• 11.403  China Urban Research Seminar

           Level: Graduate

           Units: 9 (2-0-7)

      Course Description: This graduate research seminar is an introduction class that explores the driving forces of China's urbanization and will focus on the fundamental mechanisms and key policy issues of urban development, real estate markets, and sustainability in China. The course treats China's urban development as the joint result of socioeconomic processes and conscious actions by governments, markets, and the public. The course entails subjects that evolve continually to keep pace with current dynamics in China's real estate sector and urbanization processes, engaging students to provide critical insights and produce cutting-edge academic work.  In addition, the course will engage with the experiences of other rapidly urbanizing countries through an international comparative approach, in order to examine both the unique and general aspects of China's experiences, and use these experiences to inform the ever-evolving discourse on economic development and urban theory.

  • 11.413/11.113   Economic Approach to Cities and Environmental Sustainability

           Level: Graduate (11.413)/Undergraduate (11.113)

           Units: 12 (3-0-9)

       Course Description: The course is designed for students who wish to gain deeper insights into the tension and synergy between urban development and the environment from a global perspective; and at the same time, to enhance their analytical reasoning and quantitative skills to assist evidencebased study and policy design evaluation in this field. It aims to guide and explore the causes and consequences of urban environmental quality dynamics, and provide econometric tools to quantify such relationships: (1) How does urban development, along multiple dimensions, impact environment sustainability; (2) How does environmental quality influence individuals' quality of life, their choices, and cities' growth potential. The course will provide students with a systematic framework of the interplay (both tension and synergy) between urbanization and environmental sustainability, and introduce them to the most pressing environmental challenges accompanied with urban development worldwide. 


  • Practicum: China Green Cities Practicum